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My Story

When the doctor told me I had cancer, it was not the news I had expected. The weeks that followed were an emotional roller coaster. Facing the prospect of my own mortality, reflecting upon my past life on this planet.

I decided to be proactive, and fight for my life. I went to the Internet to educate myself on the different options available, and perhaps increase my chances for survival. This is where I first heard of CBD.

There was a problem for me, the CBD that was available at that time had high levels of THC, the first 1:1 ratio plants. As a long term recovering addict/alcoholic, taking anything with high THC could be just as bad as the cancer growing within me. Ultimately I decided on surgery, as there wasn’t anything with lower THC. Even though I was cured it wasn’t how I would have liked to have been as the procedure was more invasive.

This made me think a lot about CBD and the prospect of hope it held for others. It truly haunted me. Would it not be wonderful if a plant could be discovered or created with high CBD/ near zero THC? People needing the benefits of CBD, with not much chance of getting high.

My quest began in early 2010. I read everything I could find on growing, plant genetics and CBD/THC. I acquired genetics from Northern California and Spain, commencing my breeding program.

In August of 2011, my first plant that laboratory tests confirmed was high in CBD with near zero THC was discovered. Latest tests verify this plant produces 50% more CBD than any other CBD plant (with no psychoactivity), and a robust terpenes profile. Harvesting for maximum CBD production also requires less flowering time. The plant truly is super.

In 2012, I had the opportunity to have a phone conversation with DJ Short in Pasadena, California. I shared with DJ the continuing knowledge and test results. His final comment was “it’s the discovery of the CBD Holy Grail”. Two further years of testing authenticates DJ’s prophetic comment.

There are problems world wide with CBD… limited access, lack of affordability, the need for greater dissemination of CBD knowledge. Too many lives are being lost, with many needlessly suffering. The status quo must change.

Everyone deserves access to affordable high CBD/near zero THC genetics, and the knowledge to use it properly as medicine. It should not be a possession to enrich only the few. CBD is from a natural plant, and belongs to humanity. This is our obligation to you.

I have also come to believe that high CBD should be a daily supplement to maintain one’s health and prevent disease. One day science will confirm this.

This is 2015! Much has happened in the acceptance of medical marijuana. The tide has turned. Embark with us to eliminate needless suffering and death.

“He who saves a life, saves the world”.

PJ – Discoverer of SuperCBDx