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  • SuperCBDx is the first high CBD/low THC seed available anywhere. SuperCBDx will produce approximately 200% more CBD than any CBD hemp plant (5%CBD).
  • It will produce a minimum of 50% more CBD than any CBD photo period plant yet discovered (7-12%). None of these other CBD plants are available in seed form.
  • Every SuperCBDx seed will produce a genetic duplicate, 17 +% CBD, with CBD/THC ratios of 24-26:1, with no psycho activity.
  • Our genetics produce dependable genetic results. No other CBD seeds available can make this claim, be they photo period, hemp, or auto flower.
  • SuperCBDx is also harvested earlier for maximum CBD production than any other CBD plants, between when the first and second set of pistels begin to turn brown.
  • Superior, higher levels of CBD production in less time. Minimum psycho activity. Dependable CBD genetic production (no gamble). More CBD medicine 50%-200% than anything else yet discovered.
  • SuperCBDx is also a hardy plant
  • Higher, dependable CBD production, robust terpene profiles, in much less time, minimum if any psycho activity, & 16 + % less expensive than anything else currently available.
  • SuperCBDx has been crossed with other strains which are sold on this site!


SuperCBDx Details

Sex - Fem
Height - Tall - 182 cm
Grow Area - Indoors, outdoors, greenhouse.  The greater the access for root development, the larger the potential plant. There are three physical phenotypes, all produce similar lab test results.
Flowering Time - 9-10 weeks/ Exterior October.
Ratios - 24-26 CBD :  1 THC          24-26:1
Maximum molecular weight production of CBD 17+ %, highest CBD production yet discovered.
Yield - Interior 500gr per m2  /  Exterior 250-400gr per m2
Genetics - 50/50 Indica/Sativa
Medicinal Level - 100%

SuperCBDx Test Results

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